Saving Pinterest Part 2

So Monica Mc. left a message for me about saving Pinterest to my flashdrive. So I told her I would put step by step directions with pictures.
So here goes.
I will use a repin on my School Stuff board under Audrey Fields.
When I saw this pin, I clicked on it and it opens into another window. From that window, I click on the picture again and it takes you to the site where it came from Minds in Bloom .
This particular site has the list there so you can cut and paste into a word document for later use.

Here's another one under School Stuff. Thanks to - This is from her site. Stop by and give her comments.
 I do the same thing as above. If you have a PC you can right click on the picture. When the menu pops up, go to Save as. Save the picture as whatever and wherever. You know have a poster saved as a picture. Still trying to figure how to do that same thing with a MAC.

Let me know how it goes. 

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