Saving my Pinterst!!

Well, if you haven't been to Pinterest yet this summer, you have missed sooooo much!! But it is not too late - get on over and fall in love (your arms, eyes, shoulders, and back will not agree) with the site and all the GREAT TEACHER things!!

Stop by here:

Now I have spent a large chunk of the summer there and I save links and free things to my flash-drive for printing and saving. The problem is my flash-drive then becomes the crazy place with over 200 things that need to organized.

Before shot of my flash-drive:
  You can't even see how far down it goes and this is just the file that says RANDOM SCHOOL STUFF! So I spent an hour going over each one (lots of duplicates- loved it so much) and ORGANIZED THEM INTO FOLDERS!!

After shot of my flash-drive:
 I created new folders and color-coded them for just what I needed. It makes it easier to find and my flash-drive doesn't look a hot mess.

Now, back to Pinterest!! Enjoy your day!



  1. Can you explain- what do you mean you saved your Pinterest to your flash drive? I've been on there alot this month and I didn't know you could do that. What are you saving?

  2. Audrey, I like your post. I found your blog because I just did a search "how do I save my pinterest boards to a flash drive?" I am an elem. school librarian and have found tons of fantastic things I want to use in my library. Unfortunately, Pinterest, along with ANY other blog is blocked on our school district computers, so I can't even look at any of my Pinterest things when I am there. This is going to sound awfully dumb, but did you just go through your boards and right click on the ones you wanted to save and then downloaded them to your flashdrive? I really really need to do this. This is going to sound even dumber (I have no pride), but I have to there any way to save a whole "board" without going post by post? Thank you for any tips you can give me!

  3. Wow! You really have a lot of Pinterest stuff in your flash drive. It’s good that you take time organizing it all, and I’m willing to bet it DOES take time. Well, in the end, that would be useful since it would make looking for stuff easier. And did you know that a flash drive can be read faster by the computer if you use folders and the items are not put in one place?

    @Nannie Salyards