New teacher/new building things to get started

Someone asked me about what they should have for themselves in their new classroom. That depends greatly on you. Every teacher is different and requires something diffferent.  I thought about me and how over the years I have made sure to get these things for myself and keep at school.

CVS, Riteaid, Walgreens

I know a teacher that refuses to buy coffee every day so she bought a small $20 coffee pot, a gallon jug of water and her coffee and filters and kept them in the back of her room.

Black goes with whatever you wore to work that day.

Another teacher, like myself, was always cold and since we can never tell what the AC/heating unit will do on any given day at my school, I keep a lightweight black sweater and a fleece hoodie in my closet. If I'm too cold, I can always add a layer since it is in school.   Don't forget a flat pair of shoes, ladies!! Something black makes the most sense with comfortable inside!!

Are you a snacker?  I am a snacker but I needed to snack discreetly on a Prep period while making copies. I buy a large container of pretzel rods, cracker and cheese/peanut butter packs, peanuts, and/or almonds and bring a case of water to school. 



Do you buy lunch every day? For lunch, which is a joke for most teachers, try something easy and quick. Microwave meals, popcorn, canned tuna or chicken ( I keep mayo and mustard packets in a tub in my room) or pack a salad then add the canned meat later. Buy your favorite dressing and keep in the teachers' lounge fridge for salad days.  Don't forget plastic forks, spoons, knives, and a small bowl (all dollar store purchases).

Just some thoughts as my school year gets ready to start of what's on my shopping list. Remember to keep all snacks in some kind of plastic container and out of sight of the kids.

Good luck organizing yourself!!

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