Reading Group Materials

Hey there. 

I have made some new goals for myself and I hope you will help me out.

I am trying to keep you updated with organizing tips daily. Your comments and suggestions will help keep me focused. 

So today I share how I keep 3 different classes separate and moving smoothly with their reading and small group materials.

In September, each child gets a gallon sized plastic bag, a colored folder, pencil, sharpener, and eraser. The colored folders are different for each class so they know the difference.   When they have picked their book for independent reading and have their Reading Logs, they go into the bag. My groups rotate every 20 minutes (READ 180 program) so they easily grab their bag and it already contains what they need for small group work and reading. 

Each class has their own bin so only one bin with the right colors are pulled out at the beginning of class and it goes back at the end of class. 

Hope this is something you might find helpful in your organizing!!

The other color I used last year was red.  Pick whatever colors you like - remember the kids have to be able to decorate/design their folders.


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