The Pencil Case for your Book Bag

 Hey there.  Trying to get you ready for a fresh Spring start!

When I buy school supplies for my own children, I pick up a few things for me as well.  I find the pencil cases to be my best friend. I used to use a quart size plastic bag but the pencils and pens always punctured the bag, so now I use a pencil case.

Here’s how to organize it: First get a good clear plastic one with a zipper – Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot all have them. Add what you need to grade papers at home –

In my green pencil case I have:

·      2-3 pens, (blue, black, red, green, purple)
·      1 – 2 highlighters (pink, yellow, green, blue)
·      1 – 2 markers (whatever color you like)
·      a Sharpie or two
·      a mini calculator
·      post it notes
·      a snack size plastic bag to hold
o   various sizes of paperclips
o   rubber bands,
o   paper claps (black, silver, gold)
o   sharpener with cover

Try it out and see if it organizes your things a little better.

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