Paper files - Beginning

How much paper do teachers go through in a day? How much mail, copies, fliers, announcements, parent notes, reports, data, etc. do we see in a day? a week? Way too much. So how do we keep track of what we need and trash what we don't?

Organize it.

Step one- start on one pile and get to the bottom of it. Make a stack for A) I can use this again B) don't need to see this again, C) maybe. The B pile gets shredded and thrown away immediately.
Keep going through new pile and add them to the A, B, or C stacks.

We will get back to the A and C stacks later.

Good luck! Get started!

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  1. Organizing paper is one of my problem too since I got a lot of it in my office. Right now I depend on suspension files to hold all my files. This is a nice post mate. I will read the continuation. ^_^