Know when and where you need to be

When getting those back-to-school supplies, pick up a calendar for your desk. It doesn’t have to be whole desk size.  It can be an 8 x 11 size planner.  What it needs to have is a month view when opened up flat and a mini view of last month and the next months on the same page.

Now to organize it.

As soon as you get your school calendar for the year, fill in the dates in a bright color.  I use a orange or pink highlighter so it stands out.  Put a big X on days school is closed, put a diagonal line through the whole day if they half a half day,  and include staff only Professional Development days too.  Add important family dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and doctor appointments – hate to forget to pick up the kids for a game after-school because you didn’t remember to set the alarm.

I also use my calendar to include when I lose a lunch or prep period for a meeting or no coverage. (It’s easier to remember in May.)

Just a few thoughts - It helps me remember when and where I need to be. 

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