Disorganized vs. Unorganized

Sooooo, which are you? Do you have a system in place for collecting papers? How about your files? Copies to keep for later use? Did you lose the form you picked up in your mailbox this morning? Did you forget the date and time of the event in the library?

All of the above applied to me before... before getting it together.  It took me 10 years to realize it but I love organizing!

UN - no organization - casual, unsystematic, random, haphazard
- refers to things -  the desk has not been arranged in an organized way

DIS - it's not good organization - uncoordinated, confused, disorderly
- refers to a person - the man keeps receipts in the desk drawer in a pile

I will try to give educators tips and tools to get their desks, rooms, book-bags, and lives organized to make life move smoother.

"Organization takes a little time in the beginning but it is worth it in the end!"

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  1. Good post!! very helpful, thank you. But since you are a teacher I got one nitpick: you left out the word "to" in your sentence. To give, to get, to make.

    To be or not be - That is the Question :-)